Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We Have Waited 3 Years To Say This...

We have waited 3 years to say this...we are going to return to Taiwan. Three years ago we had to leave Taiwan for medical help for one of our sons. We didn't want to leave, we loved what we did there, but it was the right choice and has been confirmed since being back. The help that we needed at the time was not available, and was not something that just being back in the States for a few months would have "fixed."

This summer we as a family we are able to go back to Taiwan for 6 weeks. A big part of this trip was to see what God's direction and will was for our lives. We loved what we did in Taiwan, and it truly hurt to leave the work there. During these last 3 years we have silently hoped that we could return someday, but didn't want to talk or dream too much about something that might not come to be. We have during this time though continued to talk with counselors, friends, other missionaries, etc. about the need, our family, and just what God wanted us to do as His servants. As we prepared to go to Taiwan this summer, our prayers were simply for God to show us whether His desire was for us to continue the work that He started through us in Taiwan, or instead to turn the page and continue with a new part of our lives in Him. We truly felt a peace that we would accept whichever direction God desired.

Through multiple counsel, many months of dialogue, and prayer we feel that God still plans to use our family in starting new churches and bringing new people into His Kingdom in Taiwan. The summer trip in so many different ways, God confirmed this decision, but what was left was more of a timing issue...when would we go? Our family, including all of the kids, did great in multiple times that would have been difficult at best in the past, but we still were not sure on the timing. We have decided that it is best to let God have control of that also. Our desire is to serve, and He will be the One who not only calls, but who will also provide and call others to support our work in Taiwan. We believe that the earliest we might leave for Taiwan would be the summer of 2011 (less than 2 summers from now), but it is all in His hands.

God has provided during our time back in the States. We have received great help for the medical issues that needed to be addressed, we have continued to study the language, and we have met many who also have a passion for seeing people come to Jesus.

What can you do? Well for one, you can check out our website that explains more about Taiwan, our family, support needs, etc. at We will be updating it periodically so make sure and check back for new info.

Secondly, you can help spread the word. We believe that God called and continues to call us to plant churches in Taiwan. We also believe that He has called others to partner with us in support. Church planting in Taiwan is not cheap, and we are going to need people who will see this opportunity and want to partner with us both in prayer and with finances. If you would like to support, and/or know of others or churches that might want to hear more about the work, please let us know.

You can contact us at:

Jon ( or (660-353-1704 cell number)

Thank you so much for thinking of us and considering what ways God might use us all for His glory and for the salvation of the nations. We look forward to seeing what God will do!

Jon and Amy Ralls

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angie said...

How exciting! I am glad that you are able to go back and live in the city that you are so passionate about.

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