Saturday, May 16, 2009

Talking VS Implementation

Smart Christian blog had the following post that is a sad reality of how far we have gotten away from "Seeking and saving the lost." (Luke 19:10).


More than 70% of Christian effort and ministry is directed at people who already profess to be Christians, while less than 5% of our total missionary activity is focused on those who have never once had a chance to hear about the good news of the Gospel. (Source: Center for the Study of Global Christianity).

CSGC is the best source on getting accurate data on global Christianity.

“At present, some 95% of all Christian debate and discussion on these matters deals only with mission in the midst of the present Christian world. Another 4% concerns mission in the evangelized non-Christian world. Less than 1% of all thinking, discussion and action concerns mission among the unevangelized. The church’s viewpoint is almost incurably self-centered. In our opinion, the greatest enemy of world evangelization is Christian rhetoric–the continual rhetorizing, playing the orator, discussing, arguing, the endless talking and preaching about evangelizing the world without any of the crucial implementation. The rest of the world would be relieved and grateful if all Christians would once and for all replace good intentions, rhetoric and broken promises with solid achievements.”


Brianna Lyn said...

I knew this was true to an extent, but not "more than 70%".

Makes me more determined to pray for the Indo-China group going to the unreached people group in about 3/4 days.

allenantrim said...

If the focus is not on Christians many will revert to Paganism-oh wait, that seems to be happening. I read where over half no longer believe in the virgin birth, high divorce rates, crummy teaching, etc. Christianity has been in Taiwan, how long? And the Christians there have not been trained to grow their own churches? Must they always depend on others? Do missionaries really want these churches self sufficient or do they like their "exotic" jobs too much. Perhaps if the dialog were reversed money would flow without end to missions and leave the rest hanging-that will make a crappy situation better!

Jon Ralls said...

Well Allenantrim,

Christianity has been in Taiwan for around 100 years and mainly by the Presbyterians for much of that time. To answer your I don't think many of the churches (though there are not many actually) were started with the idea of starting other ones. Does that surprise you? I'm not sure why, when the same phenomenon in the U.S. (for much longer I might add) has been the norm until recently among some churches.

My goal, and the goal of the team that I work with is to help be a part of creating church planting churches that are self governed, self funded, and self propagating. I can't answer for all "missionaries" but for myself, I want these churches to be totally Taiwanese not American.

Living in Taiwan is not really that "exotic". It is more like living in New York except that everything is in Chinese. I will leave the "exotic" for those who come for a quick 1 week short term mission trip. For me, any "exotic" wore off when I saw the harsh realities of a country that I love, but which is only 2 to 3% Christian. Maybe you should come help with the work, and then you will see the answers and challenges more clearly for yourself?

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