Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Have Not Blogged In 5 Months

I have not blogged in 5 months and I don't intend to start today, but I will be back fairly soon. Why haven't I blogged? I will have to try and answer that when I return.

Until then...have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Are you the John Ralls that rides to Laconia Motorcycle Week on his bike and builds wooden motorcycles? If so we spoke once about one that I built and you sent me a neat suggestion. I have a question about that. Sorry to misuse the comment section of your blog. Won't do it again.

Mark said...

Are you the Jon Ralls that played the accordion on that worship album back in the 90s? If so, I believe I ran into you once and you recommended a Rossetti as they have great bellows. You will be happy to know that since that time, I've become quite accomplished and have recorded my own worship album. I took several Hillsong favorites and put them to polka and I can shred on my Rossetti like no other. I'd love to get together sometime and do some harmonic scales together!

I miss your posts.

Stan said...

Hey Jon,
I started some web design stuff on the side. I'm hoping to just make a little extra money to help the family. Is there anyway I could get some "free" advertising on your blog??? Just a link on the side maybe to my blog? If so, here's the link: If you don't, I won't hold it against you for too long. Thanks man. See ya.

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